Business Objective

Source and provide emergency response training and services in South Africa and Africa and beyond and drive DR FIRE & HAZMAT TRAINING /CONSULTING (Pty) Ltd to be the preferred world class emergency response training, consulting provider that will leave you with a sense of piece and confidence to face your next emergency.

We hold a competitive advantage through the following:

  • Providing Local & International standard training programs.

  • Professional service and customer journey of satisfaction and confidence

  • Provide world class consulting services and follow up on courses completed.

  • Provided our learners with international knowledge of the Fire Courses, Hazardous Material.Courses.

  • We offer a service of providing a tailor made courses for your special needs within the Emergency Response Arena.



To continue to develop updated courses and attain international aligned learner material facilities and accessibility for learners in the Fire & Emergency fraternity both in local levels of government and international governments and private markets local and International, thus DR- FIRE & HAZMAT TRAINING/CONSULTING become an international status with what we offer fire fighters in the world.


DR FIRE & HAZMAT TRAINING/CONSULTING commits to, give knowledge expertise and skills to developing and empowering people who wish to pursue a career in Firefighting or the Volunteer Firefighting to receive world class training that can be used both locally and beyond our borders.


Human error is major contributing factor in many incidents we will respond to but one needs to be prepared to face and take on these emergencies you will come across with confidence and a sense of safety...